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Discover the latest breaking news, sports and entertainment events as they unfold. Be it a global and regional occurrence, be the first to know. The all-new Hot New Story give you an edge over the other channels and comfortably puts you ahead of with the detail of events as they unfold.

Get entertained, informed and advised on the latest happening all over the world. You can also get the in-depth analysis of the various situation from the experts. Moreover, our high caliber reports and correspondents feed in the particular varieties making up our broadcast. Not only are our sources highly trained, but they are also ethical and thorough in their work. These traits assure that you get the accurate news each time you log on to our site.

At the Hot New Story, we provide an excellent mix of the educative and adventurous collection. We strive to entertain and inform you. Get locked to our site for the following functional reasons:

  • News. We understand that communication runs the world and getting information make you the king. That is why we work around the clock to bring you the latest events in the world arena. National news is not side-lined either; you can get the trending local, regional and international news by clocking at our interactive and easy-to-use drop-down menus.


  • Politics. If you are an avid political disciple or merely enjoys the political gossip, then this is the site you have been longing for. Political satire, serious discussion, and grandstanding are all meticulously covered. Whether it is the straight out of Washington, the White House, Brussels, China, the Middle East and Asia, you’ll get it all here.


  • Technology. Tech perhaps is one of the most exciting segments of our reports. Techniques are forever evolving. We let you change with it through the dissemination of the latest inventions in smartphones, space tourism, digital gadgets, gaming consoles, and infotainment.


  • Finance. Set a golden nestle and let it grow through our site. At Hot New Story, we provide the best financial analysis, explore businesses, home ownership schemes as well as the opportunities to be exploited by both individual and corporation. Get our M&A news, stock market reports, corporate news, personal finances, investments, start-ups and what’s trending in the world of finance.


  • Entertainment. Get entertained with our variety of action segments. From WWE, fashion, celebrities, Hollywood blockbusters, greatest movies, etc. Not only do we stream US entertainment but we also bring major entertaining events across the world.


  • Sports. You’ll never miss a game with our sporting channel. Be it NBA, AFL, EUFA, AHL, Copa America, World Cup, you got it all. When you need to know about the most promising and valuable players, we have them all tabulated for you. You even have the opportunity to read their exclusive interviews with our dedicated sports correspondents.


  • Auto. We understand the thrill with which motor racing pumps your blood. We also are privy to your fears regarding the evolution of engines and personal transportation. For this reason, we bring the in-depth auto channel to keep you racing. We cover motorsports such as NASCAR, WRC, F1 and other races. So is the electric cars, hydrogen vehicles, and trucking. Further, we provide car care and accessories to help keep your investment in tip-top condition.

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