RC ADVENTURES – BUiLDiNG the BEE-ST! PT 2 – Suspension & Frustration – Classic RC Build Moments

I’m filming this in more of a “Real Style”.. showing some of my more interesting moments on camera. I think the way YouTube is going these days there is no better laugh then seeing “Real Life” actually happening.., and the scripted shows are getting rather boring & mundane. I still think it is important to provide as much inspiration and help as we can – but also I noticed I have been changing in my older “dad” self.. and starting to want to relax a bit on camera. So, this is my part 2 of building a tribute truck to one of my favourite Autobots of all time – BumbleBee. When I was younger I always wondered what Bee would look like as a truck.. and this model is perfect for what I want to achieve. The model is a Cross RC PG4L Dually Pickup Truck. I have had a custom Airbrushing job done by Bloodshot Airbrushing to get the desired look I wanted.. and now I am building the chassis, axles, suspension and so on. Along the way, I do my best to give the viewer some general tips and tricks… to better assist them with any projects they are working on. Also, I love entertaining our viewers with a great build during the holiday season! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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