Cardi B and Offset Laugh Off Naked Video Leaks With a Fake ”Live Sex” Tape

You aren’t going to see them cry!

Days after nude images were leaked by hackers, Cardi B and and fiancé Offset got the best of a bad situation when they posted a fake “live sex” tape on Instagram Stories on Christmas. While many got their panties in a bunch over the graphic-seeming post, the twist was that both music stars actually had their clothes on for the not-actually-scandalous video. Jokes on y’all!

After all the hubbub, Cardi made sure to call out anyone who actually thought she and her main man, who got engaged in October, were knocking boots in the video, writing on her Story, “I was fully clothes on live, I was not f–king on live! Yaaa can’t be that slow!”

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