Pirate Adventure Game ‘Sea of Thieves’ Release Date Announced

Rare Studios’ Sea of Thieves is one of the most awaited adventure games for the Xbox One. The game has been announced as early as June 2015. Originally, it is supposed to come out on Windows and Xbox One in 2017, but has been pushed into early 2018 instead. Now an official date is on the calendar, set to hit the high-seas on March 20, 2018. Sea of Thieves is a cooperative multiplayer game from a first-person perspective, and promises to deliver a much different game than what usually comes out of Microsoft Studios. Not a tall order considering they have been releasing nothing but Forza, Gears of War and Halo for the past few years. Sea of Thieves is using the Unreal 4 Engine and it is the most ambitious game from Rare yet.

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Aside from the announcement, Sea of Thieves is accompanied with a new trailer revealing many of the game’s piratical features. At the same time, Microsoft is opening up the game for pre-order. This grants access to a closed beta, the release date of which is not yet announced. Moreover, pre-ordering gets users exclusive cosmetic items as part of the Black Dog Pack. Pre-ordering is not the only qualification for beta access however. Insiders prior to December 1st are also eligible.

Sea of Thieves Release Date Trailer

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