Ubisoft Is Giving Away Watch Dogs On PC

Watch Dogs may not be the best game ever made, but Ubisoft’s giving it away for free, so that’s something.

The promotion, as announced by Ubisoft through Twitter, runs from 0300 AEDT November 8 until 0300 AEDT November 14. (That’s 0100 for AWST folk, 0200 in Queensland, 0230 for Adelaide/Darwin and 0500 for our New Zealand friends.)

It initially seemed like it would be a demo, or a timed full-version: the webpage URL includes “freetrial.ubisoft.com”, although you can redeem the code through the uPlay client directly.

Worked for me! Image: Alex Walker/Kotaku

But whichever way you redeem your Watch Dogs key, Ubisoft confirmed that you’ll get to keep it beyond the promotional period:


Which is nice. Everyone likes free stuff, right?

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