Short-term Option Swing Trading Ahead of Earnings in Snyder’s-Lance Inc

Snyder’s-Lance Inc (NASDAQ:LNCE) : Short-term Option Swing Trading Ahead of Earnings

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There is a pattern of bullish momentum in Snyder’s-Lance Inc (NASDAQ:LNCE) stock just days before earnings, and we can track that by looking at swing returns in the option market. This is a short-term swing trade, it won’t be a winner forever, and it can be easily derailed by a couple of down days in the market irrespective of Snyder’s-Lance Inc news, but for now it has shown a repeating success that has not only returned 2,882% annualized returns, but has also shown a win-rate of 58%.

The idea is quite simple — trying to take advantage of a pattern in short-term bullishness just before earnings, and then getting out of the way so no actual earnings risk is taken. Now we can see it in Snyder’s-Lance Inc.

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The Short-term Option Swing Trade Ahead of Earnings in Snyder’s-Lance Inc
We will examine the outcome of going long a weekly call option in Snyder’s-Lance Inc just three calendar days before earnings and selling the call one day before the actual news.

This is construct of the trade, noting that the short-term trade closes before earnings and therefore does not take a position on the earnings result.

Often times we look at option set-ups that are longer-term, and take no directional bet — this is not one of those times. This is a no holds barred short-term bullish swing trade with options and that’s it. It’s a bullish bet, so must be conscious of the delta risk.

We can add another layer of risk management to the back-test by instituting and 40% stop loss and a 40% limit gain. Here is that setting:

In English, at the close of each trading day we check to see if the long option is either up or down 40% relative to the open price. If it was, the trade was closed.

Below we present the back-test stats over the last three-years in Snyder’s-Lance Inc:

LNCE: Long 40 Delta Call
% Wins: 58%
Wins: 7 Losses: 5
% Return:  189.5% 
% Annualized:  2,882% 

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The mechanics of the TradeMachine™ are that it uses end of day prices for every back-test entry and exit (every trigger).

We see a 189.5% return, testing this over the last 12 earnings dates in Snyder’s-Lance Inc. That’s a total of just 24 days (2-day holding period for each earnings date, over 12 earnings dates). That’s an annualized rate of 2,882%. That’s the power of following the short-term pattern of bullishness ahead earnings — and not taking on the actual risk from the earnings outcome.

This short-term trade hasn’t won every time, and it won’t, but it has been a winner 7 times and lost 5 times, for a 58% win-rate and again, that 189.5% return in less than one-full month of actual holding period. The trade will lose sometimes, and since it is such a short-term position, it can lose from news that moves the whole market that has nothing to do with Snyder’s-Lance Inc, but over the recent history, this bullish option trade has won ahead of earnings.

Setting Expectations
While this strategy has an overall return of 189.5%, the trade details keep us in bounds with expectations:
➡ The average percent return per trade was 27.01%.

Looking at More Recent History
We did a multi-year back-test above, now we can look at just the last year:

LNCE: Long 40 Delta Call
% Wins: 75%
Wins: 3 Losses: 1
% Return:  38.8% 
% Annualized:  1,770% 

Tap Here to See the Back-test

We’re now looking at 38.8% returns, on 3 winning trades and 1 losing trades.
➡ The average percent return over the last year per trade was 20.83%.

Bull markets tend to create optimism, whether it’s deserved or not.

The pattern of this bull market reveals a bullish run up before earnings in the very short-term — independent of the realized earnings result. This has been a tradable phenomenon in Snyder’s-Lance Inc. To see how to test this for any stock we welcome you to watch the demonstration video.

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